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Product and service ads are a great way to zero in on your target audience — BUT they have to look great and instantly deliver a clean, effective and understandable message

Bootniks® ad and flyer for shoe and boot stores

AMSPEL, LLC of Florida has created an effective method to keep boots looking their very best by keeping them from folding and creasing the leather when you take them off. The product is called Bootniks and is make in the form of a bear and a bunny with long "legs" that fit inside the boots to keep them from folding over in your closet. We took one of their existing ads and redesigned it to give it more impact and professionalism.

Ad and flyer designed by Design Strategies for Bootniks bootsavers (AMSPEK, LLC).
Ad and flyer designed by Design Strategies for Bootniks bootsavers (AMSPEK, LLC).

Corporate logo and identity design for online HR software product

Accurate Insurance needed a logo design and promotional materials for its new online Human Resources software product HRNavigator360. Text and client liaison was provided by Gil Effron. Several stock photos were used to create the laptop computer and cell phone images in Photoshop. Final ad artwork was delivered as both high and low-resolution PDF files for use in emails and high-quality printing. Two versions of the new logo were provided to the client in horizontal and vertical formats as shown here.

Ad and flyer designed by Design Strategies for Accurate Insurance to promote their HR Navigator 360 software.

New orthodontics ad campaign for Bay Dental Center based on surveyed research

Bay Dental Center of Redondo Beach, California hired us to create a new campaign for their expanded orthodontics services. The project required a redesign of the company's logo, text writing based on survey results and some extensive Photoshop retouching work on stock photography — and all in a very short 5-day turnaround. We purposely avoided the "happy, smiling people" images you see in every dental ad. There was no time for a custom photoshoot, so stock photography had to be used. A great deal of retouching was done on each photograph. The 3 mouths shown in the iPads were from different people, making the teeth and gums noticeably different. Retouching was done to create teeth in each mouth that had roughly the same shapes, and a gum line that matched throughout. The client was blown away with the results. Additional retouching was done on the "before" girl by adding closed eyes to give her an embarrassed and shy look due to her misaligned teeth. These eyes were taken  from a different photograph and then sized and the skin tones blended to match properly.

New ad campaign design for Bay Dental Center of Redondo Beach, California focusing on their orthodontics services.

Magazine ads promote Silver Fin Capital's new corporate image and contribute to their highest-ever sales in the history of the company

After completing the corporate re-branding and new website for Silver Fin Capital of Great Neck, New York, we created a series of magazine ads for Homes & Estates Magazine using the new logo and look. One month after launching the new campaign, Silver Fin Capital announced that they had their best-ever income month in the history of the company. lists them consistently in their TOP TEN award-winners for best mortgage companies in America.

Magazine ad campaign for Silver Fin Capital Group's mortgage company, helping them turn in their highest ever sales.
Magazine ad campaign for Silver Fin Capital Group's mortgage company, helping them turn in their highest ever sales.

A continuing series of 1940's-style detective ads for Churchill Claims Services (insurance claims investigators)

We recently created an email marketing campaign for Churchill Claims based on the similarity of what they do and the classic old-time 1940's radio plays of Phillip Marlowe, Sam Spade and Johnny Dollar. Churchill always goes the extra mile to get the information needed for insurance companies to either approve or deny an insurance claim. This campaign demonstrates with humor and interest that Churchill always gets the facts, regardless of the situation or difficulty. The campaign has gotten quite a following over the last few months. The stories are informative, entertaining and they've significantly increased the number of claims submissions.

Successful email campaign for Churchill Claims Services in Largo, Florida.
Successful email campaign for Churchill Claims Services in Largo, Florida.
Successful email campaign for Churchill Claims Services in Largo, Florida.
Successful email campaign for Churchill Claims Services in Largo, Florida.
Successful email campaign for Churchill Claims Services in Largo, Florida.
Successful email campaign for Churchill Claims Services in Largo, Florida.

Ads created for VITALS, a food supplement company in Amsterdam

We've been designing ads, packaging, catalogs for VITALS in Amsterdam for over 7 years. The ads below were created to introduce a new fish oil product line from Minami. By the way, for those of you who get depressed, instead of taking pharmaceuticals, try a good quality fish or krill oil to beat the blues (and without all the nasty side effects).

Advertising campaigns with a professional and consistent look and feel

A vital aspect (pardon the pun) of successful advertising design is a consistent and attractive image that creates brand recognition in the mind of your target audience. This series of ads (and many others) were created for VITALS in Amsterdam to promote their successful line of food supplements that are sold in the Netherlands and across Europe. VITALS main customers are naturopathic (orthomolecular) practitioners who proscribe vitamins, minerals and herbs instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

VITALS has flown our staff to Amsterdam twice in 2009 and 2012 to work on marketing campaigns for the company. It's been a challenging and exhilarating experience to work abroad and in Dutch (which we don't speak). Fortunately, the vast majority of the population in the Netherlands is fluent in English.

Broad Reach Benefits Community Service Ads

Broad Reach Benefits in New Jersey provides employee benefit programs to employers across the US (medical, dental, vision, etc.) and we're lucky enough to count them as one of our long-term clients. BRB regularly gives back to local community projects by taking out support ads in civic fundraising publications. We've had the pleasure of designing many of these ads for them over the years. We designed BRB's logo and created a new corporate image for them in 2001, and have rolled out many different design projects with this consistent, fresh look. We applaud BRB for their continuing community support.

Magazine ads designed for Broad Reach Benefits in New Jersey.
Grow it Green Morristown ad design for Broad Reach Benefits in New Jersey, USA.

A New Series of Community Service Ads for Broad Reach Benefits

BRB supports a number of charitable, community service organizations. Shown here is the first of a new series of ads for Morristown, New Jersey's "Grow it Green" community organic gardening program. We created the new look for the ads, done in black and white for this particular publication. The overall look of the new series is consistent with the running series of ads shown above. Philip Cohen, BRB's President, said "As always, you make us look great!"

Ad campaigns and unique design capabilities, exactly tailored to your company and your customers' needs

The range of ads we've designed for clients over the last 20+ years is impressive in its variety, each one custom designed and based on communicating a specific message to an exact target audience. Each publication has its own specifications in North America and Europe, with different page sizes and technical details that need to be addressed for each magazine. You can feel confident that we will deliver an ad that will not only look good, but that will print well anywhere in the world.

BioMechanics ad design

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