CLIENT: Brad Fraunfelter Illustration

Glendale, California, USA

A rare and amazingly talented artist

Once in a long while you happen upon a person with so much aesthetic talent that it literally defies description. Brad Fraunfelter is an illustrator and photographer who specializes in sci-fi and fantasy book cover illustrations for budding and established authors. We've known Brad for many years and have marveled at his growth and increase in artistic abilities — and when he came to us to redesign and re-market his website, we jumped at the chance.

BUSINESS TYPE: Illustration and photography,

LOCATION: Glendale, California, USA

PROJECTS COMPLETED: Website design, marketing consultation and mentoring


The challenge in this project was to create an interesting site that was more than just lots and lots of rectangles on a page — which despite the incredible quality of the artwork, quickly became monotonous due to every page looking about the same. The home page of the new site contains a very LARGE slideshow of Brad's artwork that rotates through 50 or more of his latest illustration projects. The impact is simply stunning.

We also created a series of 3D books, mapping illustrations to the covers, to give prospective clients an idea of how the illustrations will look on an actual book. Sections showing the sketching process, case studies and an interview with the artist all help to showcase Brad's talents and jaw-dropping artwork.

A large part of the marketing strategy was to include lots of descriptive text content to make the site more visible to online searches. Best practices Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was heavily used to increase rankings in Google, Bing & Yahoo searches.

Astoundingly for all his talent, Brad was only doing illustration part time, and was working a regular "day job" to make ends meet. We helped Brad to increase his promotion and to gradually increase his prices and confidence in his ability to make a full time career as an artist. He now has LOTS of illustration work and his rates are in line with his amazing artwork (and no more day job). We are delighted to see one of our favorite artists doing so well.

Comments from Brad Fraunfelter:


You have solved a ton of problems [on my website] which might have taken other designers much more work. I really appreciate all you've done for me. It is mind boggling!

"Right now I’ve got so much work lined up it is difficult for me to talk with you at the moment. I’m getting lots of contacts from my website — people seeing my site and asking me about my book cover rates! Toward the end of the month, my Mech Warriors image will be appearing as a feature article on Compositing in Photoshop Creative mag! Also, my Forbidden Valley image is on the home page of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Mag! WOOHO!"

—Brad Fraunfelter, award-winning illustrator and photographer

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