CLIENT: Frisella Design

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Website and corporate image helps an engineering firm outgrow its original location

Once in a long while you happen upon a person with so much aesthetic talent that it literally defies description. Brad Fraunfelter is an illustrator and photographer who specializes in sci-fi and fantasy book cover illustrations for budding and established authors. We've known Brad for many years and have marveled at his growth and increase in artistic abilities — and when he came to us to redesign and re-market his website, we jumped at the chance.


Electrical and mechanical engineering for robotics, automated manufacturing machinery and product development.

LOCATION: Clearwater, Florida, USA

PROJECTS COMPLETED: Website and corporate image development


SITE DEVELOPMENT AND COORDINATION: Frisella Design had been turning out excellent electrical and engineering projects for years, but their website made them look like small potatoes, and it didn't show off the genius-level solutions they were capable of. After interviewing the executive team, we developed a plan for the site with lots of content and photos showing various projects they've completed. Getting photographs was problematic because many projects are proprietary and confidential, and can't be shown. We organized a list of robotics/automation projects and product development projects, then created a series of pages with photos, illustrations and technical drawings, along with an explanation of the project (within allowable confidential limits).

Comments from FRISELLA DESIGN:

"You guys are the best! Everyone loves the website, and we're always getting compliments on it. We've had to move to a completely new and larger office space because we outgrew our old place and have so many new staff. We are very busy with new robotics and automation machinery projects as a direct result of our web presence and marketing. Thanks for always being there for us when we need you to do your excellent work."

— Julie O'Brien, Office Manager at Frisella Design

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