CLIENT: Churchill Claims Services

Largo, Florida, USA

Churchill expands operations from 7 US states to all 50 in only 3 months with new case studies campaign

A potential disaster creates an opportunity for expansion

Churchill Claims Services came to us a while back with a terrifying problem: They do independent insurance claims investigations for various insurance companies in the U.S. and Canada, but all of a sudden the insurance companies had decided to STOP using outside firms for their claims investigations! It meant potential bankruptcy for Churchill.

Churchill executives told us that the campaign was so popular that customers were calling in to find out when the next "episode" was coming out. The number of new investigations continued to rise sharply for months and allowed them to expand operations into all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

The Case Studies campaign completely reversed the decisions of the insurance companies. Within 3 months Churchill went from operating in 7 U.S. states to all 50. The number of new claims received went highest ever in the company's history.

We have been working with Churchill for over 20 years since their inception in California back in the early 1990s. We designed their logo, website and brochures, all of which helped to kickstart the company.

Independent insurance claims adjusters/investigations

LOCATION: Based in Florida/ USA Nationwide

PROJECTS DONE: Branding, corporate image design, website development, brochures, email campaign development

THE COMPANY: Churchill Claims Services is an independent insurance investigation company based in Largo, Florida. They provide nationwide investigation services to insurance companies to verify if insurance claims are valid or bogus, including photography, witness interviews, video surveillance, etc.

THE MEETING: We received a phone call from Churchill saying they needed a meeting immediately to figure out how to solve a major and potentially disastrous problem: The insurance companies had decided en masse to stop using outside investigation companies! This had the potential of putting Churchill out of business, so we asked the key question: "What problem are the insurance companies trying to solve?". After some exhausting detective work, we discovered that the insurance companies were so frustrated by incomplete investigation reports from independent investigators (not Churchill's) that they'd decided to go in-house to save themselves the aggravation and wasted expense.

THE SOLUTION: Churchill executives assured me that they NEVER turned in incomplete reports, so this was not a valid complaint they'd ever received. To solve the PR problem, we created a "Churchill gets you the facts" campaign by creating a series
of Case Studies of interesting investigations that detailed the problems encountered and how the investigators were never stopped. The reports were written up as short "detective novel" episodes, and a branding was created showing a fedora-wearing silhouette of an investigator. These Case Studies were sent out as individual emails and also added to the Churchill web site. A complete redesign and facelift of the site was done at the same time, refocusing the marketing around the new campaign.

Logo/branding created for Churchill Claims Services by Design Strategies circa 1994.

THE CASE STUDIES EMAIL CAMPAIGN: We worked with Churchill to produce a series of 15 Case Study emails that were sent out to insurance companies using the "Churchill gets you the facts" branding. Each one of these contained an interesting writeup of the problems encountered by a Churchill investigator and how he/she was able to work out a solution to make sure ALL the information about the case was gotten. A few weeks after the email campaign was kicked off, the number of new investigation requests started to skyrocket! Instead of just telling people how good Churchill was, the emails actually proved the point in an interesting and fun manner. The campaign eliminated all objections from the insurance companies, and instead of losing accounts, Churchill expanded its business many times over.

Comments from Churchill Claims Services:

"You wouldn't believe it... our sales were bottoming out — and then after the campaign they just went up and up and up into a whole new range.

"We can't thank you enough for the help you gave us! The case studies solution hit home with our clients and even had them calling us to ask when the next installment was coming out. They were actually calling to be advertised to!"

— TERRI BISHOP, JOHN HAWKINS , executives at

Churchill Claims Services

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