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Poundcake Bakery retractable banners

Poundcake Bakery is located in Naperville, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Recently they've embarked on a major sales and promotion campaign of their bakery items at local farmer's markets in their area. These banners were designed with their logo (that we designed) plus a photo of the company founder and their five main flavors, along with their website and phone number.

Even though the elements are simple, the layout and presentation of the company and its products is designed to attract interest in a busy area. The banners stand about 6 feet tall, so they're visible from quite a distance, and make a definitely professional impact on viewers.

These banners are sturdy and stable, yet they quickly retract into their bases for easy storage and transport. If you're looking for a way to grab attention at an event or when giving a presentation, these inexpensive banners will create an instant, highly professional impact. Give us a call and we'll design one or two for you.

Window banners for Doughby's Restaurant in Oxford, Ohio

Doughby's caters to the Miami University crowd in the town of Oxford, Ohio. We redrew their logo, made up menus and mailers, and designed the 4 window banners for the front of their restaurant, showing some of their best-selling calzones, chicken wings, chicken Caesar salad and banana-chocolate crepes. The banner to the right includes the restaurant's entire menu.

Retractable banner designed for IPS Corporation

IPS Corporation is well known for its many products related to the plumbing, roofing and adhesives industries. Ask any plumber worldwide about IPS Corp and it's likely he (or she) uses many of the hundreds of specialty products developed by IPS's family of companies. An IPS representative found our website in late 2017 and has been working with us ever since to create product illustrations, banners, posters and product catalogs. This latest banner is based on one of their existing fliers — and we were asked to turn it into a giant 39" x 80" free-standing banner for use at trade shows and demonstrations. They sent us all new product photos, and we were able to extract the 8 company logos and the "blue wave" artwork out of a small PDF flier to accomplish the banner project.

One of the things IPS loves about us is that we're problem solvers. They can give us a complex job with hundreds of different elements, and need it in a short amount of time — and they know we'll always deliver an excellent, beautiful product within their deadline. This is why many of our clients stay with us for years, and frequently state "We wouldn't think of going anywhere else for our design needs."


Accounting Technology retractable banner

Accounting Technology LLC of Fairfax, Virginia (near Washington, DC) was referred to us by one of our long term clients. Over the past few months in 2017 we have helped them completely overhaul and redesign their
marketing tools, including their website, logo design and various other materials.

This stand-up retractable banner was designed for a series of conference presentations and guest lecture appearances. The banners roll up into their brushed aluminum bases, making a very compact and easy to carry unit that is light and easy to carry with one hand, and designed for maximum portability.

Titan Oil Recovery trade show retractable banners

Titan asked us to design three large banners for their trade show presentations. These banners roll up into their own bases and are very light and easy to carry, yet they're 33 inches wide and 80 inches tall when set up. They're also so inexpensive that you can get several to really help make a professional statement at your next sales presentation, board meeting or lecture. At 7.5 pounds each, you can carry several without strain in a small duffle bag in a taxi, and look like a million bucks when you give your presentation.

Magna Timeshare collapsible trade show booth

Magna software needed a booth created for a trade show in Phoenix, Arizona. The trouble was, they needed it designed, manufactured and shipped to their location in only one week! We were able to quickly prepare all the artwork to create an eye-catching design, then found a booth manufacturing company in Arizona able to make the deadline. We sent the files to the manufacturer and the booth was shipped directly to the convention center in Phoenix a week later, just in time for the show. We can meet your deadlines too!

Storefront design for a shop in downtown Amsterdam

The Vitamin Advice Shop is located in the center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and is owned by VITALS Vitamins. The shop is located in a picturesque pedestrian alley just off a main road and gets lots of walkby traffic. The client sent us a photo of the shop and the dimensions of the window space, and wanted us to design signage that would label the shop and bring in passersby. The large "Vitamin Advice Shop" sign also covers some unattractive pipes and heating equipment. We communicated daily with the client via Skype software (www.Skype.com) and were able to share screen shots and PDFs. The bottom image is the original proposal drawing, and the top photo is what the designs look like in place. We also created large signs for inside the store labeling the various product categories.

Logos and artwork for silk screening and embroidery

Companies and groups frequently need t-shirts or polo shirts with their logos or other artwork silk screened or embroidered on them. This can be for promotional purposes, trade shows, sports events, company picnics and even family reunions. We've designed many of these over the years, using various production companies to do the actual screening or embroidery. Other apparel such as baseball caps, hats of various kinds and lightweight jackets are easy to customize with your company's or organization's logo or special event artwork.

Logos and artwork for silk screening and embroidery

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