CLIENT: Silver Fin Capital Mortgage

Great Neck, New York, USA

Corporate image, branding and website redesign creates highest-ever sales for mortgage company

Silver Fin Capital Mortgage is a major player in the residential and commercial mortgage industry in New York, New Jersey and Florida. We were challenged to completely redesign their corporate image in December 2014.

The project included a new logo design, website, a series of magazine ads, business cards and stationery. Special attention was placed on researching the specific value points offered by the company to ensure these were very visible on the site. The new site was launched in mid-December 2014, and the response was very positive — by the end of January 2015 Silver Fin had attained its highest ever sales in the 16-year history of the company!

BUSINESS TYPE: Residential and Commercial Mortgage Company

LOCATION: Great Neck, New York, USA

PROJECTS COMPLETED: Branding, corporate image design, website development,
magazine ad design


New logo and branding designs bring a much-needed infusion of life and color

Silver Fin's old branding and website was developed in 1999, and it looked dull and lifeless, as can be seen in the design of its Home page at right. The site was tedious, with tiny text, very few images and almost no color. The new logo was patterned after the "compass rose" designs used on mariner's maps, lending a message of "helping you navigate through the confusion of mortgages". A new tagline was developed to define the company's focus: "Your Mortgage Simplified".





Silver Fin has a staff of 28 executives, mortgage originators and administrative staff, each requiring a biography/contact page and business card. A contact form on each bio page allowed customers to email questions and information directly to each mortgage originator.

Design of magazine ads to promote the new site and corporate image

Having a beautiful and effective website is wonderful, but not if no one knows it's there. We created a series of full-page magazine ads for Silver Fin that ran in Homes & Estates Magazine starting in January 2015. We also created a short series of emails that were sent out to Silver Fin's mailing list announcing the site and inviting feedback. The site was generally well liked and contributed to Silver Fin's highest ever sales period, just one month after its initial launch. Silver Fin is now consistently rated by as one of the top mortgage companies in the U.S.

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