Packaging Design: Labels, Book Covers, Boxes, Bottles, etc.

If your product packages, labels, bottles, tubes, boxes and book jacket covers aren't appealing and attractive, they simply won't get picked up, looked at — and sold

Your product packaging needs to create an emotional impact on your potential customers. Design Strategies has been creating world-class packaging design solutions for books, software, electronic products, hardware, vitamin & mineral supplements, food products, CDs and DVDs, cosmetics & skin care, and hundreds of other products for over 28 years. We create designs for new products and specialize in re-imaging existing products to make them look their best. Our clients are located across the U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Music CD sleeve, face and lyrics sheet for a band in Connecticut

The Far Cry is a new progressive rock band based in and around Manchester, CT in the United States. This is the group's debut album, and it's excellent! It will be released within a couple of weeks on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming music services. We will also be designing a website to sell the physical CD which should be available for purchase within a few weeks. We're very impressed with the quality of this album and can't wait for the band to go back into the studio for their next release.

Delivery/takeout box for Doughby's Restaurant of Oxford, Ohio

We got a call at about 9:30pm one evening, asking if we could come up with an original concept for a round 10-foot trade show booth design for the launch of a new rehabilitation exercise machine for a company in California. The needed the illustration completed by noon the following day so they could present it to their board of directors for approval. The booth was to be cylindrical, with semi-transparent walls and a closeable door, with a video screen, seating and the new device on display inside. We completed the finished design by 3am and emailed it to their marketing department. They liked the design so much that they decided to do a 2-story version, an exterior catwalk and meeting space on the second floor.

Book cover designs for D.R. Casselman's "Tales of Narda" fantasy/adventure series

The "Tales of Narda" 4-book fantasy/adventure series was an interesting challenge to design suitable book covers for the sweeping saga. We started with illustrations of 4 different unique animals that feature in the novels and then created dramatic backgrounds in vivid colors to add shelf appeal.

The first book of the series is scheduled to launch within a year, with the second, third and fourth books following at regular intervals.

Book cover design for Dr. Deane Waldman's "Curing the Cancer in U.S, Healthcare"

Dr. Waldman is a prolific author of many books related to wellness and government healthcare practises. This is the second cover we've created for Dr. Waldman. The book should be published and available for purchase on Amazon by the end of January or early February 2019. The cover illustration was drawn from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Book cover designs for "Killer Melodic Patterns" by American musician and author Bill Keis

Bill Keis, besides being an accomplished musician, performer, arranger and composer, is also a prolific writer of music theory and technique books. His latest series is about creating arpeggios (a run of consecutive notes of a chord) used in jazz improvisation. Bill wanted to ensure his covers looked interesting, exciting and not dull or pedantic like a lot of the other music theory texts currently on the market. Bill sells his books primarily on and has seen his sales increase considerably since we've been designing his covers. The new series should be available for purchase in about one to two months in both electronic and printed formats.

Book cover design & illustration for German author Hans Kellerer

Hans Kellerer is an engineer, the holder of several industrial patents and a successful entrepreneur in numerous industries in Germany. His book "The Perfume Trap" (Die Parfüm Falle") details the dangers to our health posed by the chemical scents and perfumes added to such common items as soaps, shampoos, deodorants and home cleaning products. His research has established that the air quality inside most homes is many times more toxic than the most polluted cities in the world. We were challenged to come up with a new design for the new bookwhich is being published in both German and English.

10 eBook cover designs for Bill Keis Music

Bill Keis has written a series of 10 eBooks that are available on Amazon, iBooks and as PDF downloads. We were hired to redesign the covers and write the introductory text on each. The client loved them and will be updating all the existing covers immediately.

Design for the cover of "The Complete Guide to Learning Music" by Bill Keis in California

Bill Keis is a Los Angeles musician, educator, composer and performing artist who has performed with such notable and talented musicians and composers as Chick Corea, Mark Isham, David Campbell, Ronnie Spector, Edgar Winter, Chaka Khan and Kate Ceberano. One of Bill's compositions was used in the 2015 blockbuster movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, which grossed over $1.4 billion worldwide. His book "The Complete Guide to Learning Music" has recommendations and testimonials from all the above, plus many professional musicians in Los Angeles and around the world. Instead of dry and dusty technical studies, the book brings music technology to life in an interesting and very approachable manner. We're currently working on a complete rebranding and marketing campaign with the company, including packaging, website and new logo design. We started with an interview with Bill himself, then researched his business and successful actions of the past to come up with an effective campaign designed to bring Bill the recognition he greatly deserves. His book is available on, but currently with the old red cover until we get it updated.

Book cover design for Dr. Deane Waldman in New Mexico

Dr. Waldman is an experienced pediatrician, researcher, author and lecturer. He recently hired us to design the cover for his new book The Cancer in the American Healthcare System. The project challenge was to create an appealing and professional design that would instantly establish the book as a serious work about a highly controversial subject: The American Healthcare System.

The new cover is intriguing, professional and

instantly establishes that this is a work by a

professional author and educator. We've also

created 9 additional book covers for Dr. Deane's

series of ebooks that are available for purchase

and downloadon

Greenleaves™ Krill Oil packaging design project

Greenleaves Vitamins is based in Amsterdam and sells its extensive line of vitamins, minerals, herbs and health supplements to consumers in Germany. We've

been working with Greenleaves since 2008 to help them create a consistent and attractive look for their various products. The challenge was to make such a small box still have visual impact and communicate the high quality of the product inside. The gray stripe under the Greenleaves logo is actually silver foil, adding to the crisp and cold look of the colors in keeping with the fact that these krill are caught in cold and clean Antarctic waters.

Product label design for NuLean Weight Loss Systems

NuLean Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of doctor-supervised weight-loss products in Florida, hired us to update their entire product line and company logo to create a completely new and more professional corporate image. After approving the new NuLean logo and blue wave background, each product was designed with photography related to the container's contents. For the Super Protein labels, we started with a photo of the chocolate shake, then carefully recolorized the shot to make it look like vanilla. The new labels add enthusiasm and excitement to the whole line. The client was very pleased with the designs, and we've since created a 12-page product catalog which ships with each order to allow their customers to explore other products they offer.

Greenleaves label design for vitamin and mineral products

Greenleaves Vitamins is based in Zaandam in the Netherlands (just outside Amsterdam). The company flew our creative team over the Atlantic in 2012 to do a complete redesign of the company's entire corporate image, including logo, website, labels, price lists, catalogs, magazine ads, invoices and sales letters. The image shows just a few of the company's hundreds of products. The folks at Greenleaves were simply the best hosts we've ever had the pleasure to work with. We were treated so wonderfully that we'd gladly go back for another visit, anytime!

Packaging labels and logo for D&D AR Foods' certified organic, all-natural, gluten-free, high-protein High Performance Muffins

High Performance Muffins were developed as an oat-based organic, protein-rich, gluten-free meal replacement for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and busy individuals who want a quick, nutritious snack instead of the usual empty-calorie junk foods. The muffins are also GMO-free (GMO: genetically modified organism).

Unfortunately a HUGE number of products these days contain GMO ingredients from plants such as soy, corn, canola, sugar cane and rice. Current research has determined that GMO foods pose a very real threat to human health, and the European Union has outlawed most, if not all, GMO crops. Hopefully the same will happen in North America. "Gluten" is the sticky component of various grains (wheat, barley, rye, etc.) that can create minor to severe allergic reactions in many people.

Exhaustive research was done in ensuring only certified organic ingredients are used in their manufacture. The muffins come in 5 flavors (chocolate, chocolate banana, vanilla, vanilla banana and vanilla pumpkin) and can be ordered on their website and shipped frozen anywhere in the world.

Custom packaging designs for DVD box covers, CD and DVD faces and booklets

DVDs and CDs are still great media for presentations, software and re-saleable video content. We've designed many of these for different clients through the years, and we'd be pleased to create one or a hundred for you and your products.

Illustrations for books, manuals, magazines and technical publications

We've created many different packaging products and printed materials over the last 10+ years for Basement Spaces. David Schrock is the company owner and resident genius, and he has a super power: The ability to transform damp and dark basements into gorgeous living areas for bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, TV and gaming rooms and more. His work is stunning and innovative. Dave finally began capitalizing on his talents by writing and filming some of many projects, thus starting the Basement Ideas series of booklets, software and videos for avid do-it-yourself homeowners to help them with their own renovations. We started the initial design project years ago with the Basement Spaces logo (still one of our favorites) and a website—a site which got Dave so much attention that in less than a month he was featured in a 4-page spread in the Sunday edition of his local newspaper, and within 2 months he was contacted and interviewed on camera by both ABC and NBC as a local contracting expert.

People really DO judge books by their covers! A well-designed cover attracts us to pick them up in the first place to check out what's inside

Even though it's a common saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, it's something that we always do — even if unconsciously. The job of a book cover is to generate interest with images and information to make you want to pick it up and thumb through it. The back cover (or the inside cover flaps if it's a hard cover book) should provide tasty text tidbits and images to further entice the reader to purchase the book. It's an art and skill we've long been developing at Design Strategies. Want to make your book "jump" off the shelves? Give us a call and we'll create a design that will generate the interest you need to get people to pick it up.

Small packet designs

Ever indulged a bit too much and regretted it the next day? Booze Burner has the answer in two small capsules containing natural ingredients and enzymes that help your body burn off that alcohol so that you can sober up fast and get a good night's sleep. These packets will be showing up in health food stores and corner grocery stores — the perfect solution for a person who has partied not wisely but too well. We were approached by the creators of the product to create a tiny package that would easily fit in a wallet or purse.

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