CLIENT: SID-TEC Electrical Engineering

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Website design and coordination for Florida electrical engineering company

Michael Holdsworth is the owner and resident genius behind SID-TEC, and Mike can do things with electricity that even amaze other engineers. SID-TEC specializes in creating electronic controls for industrial AC and DC motors to make them start, stop and operate smoothly and efficiently without excess wear on the equipment. Mike routinely goes into a company, evaluates a usually long-standing problem, then works out a control system to make the equipment work properly, predictably and dependably for years. The biggest challenge on this project was making SID-TEC's services understandable to others. A large part of the project was involved in coordinating the exact valuables that SID-TEC offered, then building a series of Case Studies that showed exactly what they did to fix the existing problem. These made all the difference in their marketing.

BUSINESS TYPE: Commercial and industrial electrical engineering. AC & DC motor controls.

LOCATION: Clearwater, Florida, USA

PROJECTS COMPLETED: Website design, data coordination, photography, product and services product sheets and flyers


Bringing old equipment back to productive life and operation

Many companies that use large and small electric motors on their equipment operate with older, discontinued and unsupported machinery that would cost millions to re-manufacture. Instead, SID-TEC works out the exact controls using modern electronic systems that extend the life of even aging motors and systems by decades. They recently brought back to life an ancient boring machine that was used during WWII to turn out tank turrets, which now hums along like it was new. SID-TEC's expertise extends from fixing airport monorails to train bridge raising/lowering systems to massive steel cutting manufacturing equipment. If it has an electric motor, SID-TEC can make it run smoothly, just the way it should.

Writing, photography and data coordination

As is common with highly technical companies, SID-TEC's old site was filled with technical terminology and explanations that only an expert engineer could decipher — effectively putting to sleep the exact people they were trying to reach: People with manufacturing equipment that wasn't working properly that they couldn't fix. We had SID-TEC's staff write up each service and case study, then rewrote everything so that it was understandable by the average worker or shop foreman. We photographed various pieces of equipment and cabinets designed by SID-TEC, then worked out how to explain the benefits of what they had created.

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