Client Feedback: They love us — they really do!

Rather than listening to us constantly blow our own horn, here's what a few of our clients have to say about our work and the results we've created for them...

Brad Fraunfelter Illustration, Glendale, California

We originally designed Brad's website back in 2000, and have been adding his phenomenal artwork to the site over the last 18 years. We've also been working with Brad on marketing strategies to increase his business, and it's helped him to become amazingly successful:

"I thought I would share with you that I’ve been getting loads of contacts from my website lately!

"Just over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten about 3 new contacts from authors asking for me to do book covers.
I’m really happy with this.

"I get promotion out every single day, with links to my website, which I know is helping enormously. I am getting so much inflow of work that I am barely keeping up."

—Brad Fraunfelter, digital artist

Andrew Weinberg, Silver Fin Capital Mortgage Group

Great Neck, New York

You guys are very fair with your pricing, and we are very happy with your work.
It encourages me to want to use you guys as much as we can.

— Andrew Weinberg, CEO & Co-founder of Silver Fin Capital Group

Rob Skillman, The Skill-Man Quality Home Repair Services

Clearwater, Florida

Wow, being busy is exactly what I mean! I've been up to my ears. Many thanks again. I’m so humbled by how well you both seem to ‘get’ me, and turn that into very insightful input about how I brand myself. I’ll make a point of stopping down when I’m ready to add another page to the website. Maybe we'll do dinner, I think it would be a delight!

— Rob Skillman, company owner

Laurence Bradford, Accounting Technology LLC

Fairfax, Virginia

We have worked with Design Strategies for the last several months. It started with our website. It has progressed to a new design of business cards, banners and flyers. The last request was short notice and WOW did he deliver. The work started months ago with Len painstakingly determining what we do for clients. I personally thought I did a good job of communicating this. He directly (with a little bit of a sting) told me otherwise (this is a good thing). Working with Design Strategies has helped me with more than my digital and paper presence. It has helped me internally redesign my "elevator speech" (that 30 second - what do you do for a living). I consider Len and Colette a part of my business. I repeatedly tell him he is now my external marketing department. I am not sure he knows how much he has signed up to do but I know he has already made a world of difference to my business. Soon, I fully expect to be able to quantify this in dollar growth to my business. If you are considering Design Strategies, you will not be disappointed!

— Larry Bradford, CEO of Accounting Technology LLC

Alice Janet Starkey, Aloha Landscaping and Services

Clearwater, Florida

Fantastic experience! Len created superb logo and web page designs for our landscape company. Design Strategies is a top notch and professional company and over the top on communication. Len was always so willing to make changes when necessary. Loved working with Len and Colette.....very caring individuals.

— AJ Starkey, Co-owner of Aloha Landscaping & Services

Ralph Brown, Cup Royale – Race Around the World

Clearwater, Florida

I needed a logo in a hurry. He prepared more than 15 samples, stayed on the phone with me for several hours as we worked together through many changes. He was open to suggestions and giving his own opinion, we even got my wife and his wife in on the discussion we ended up with a logo that stands out and everyone seems to like.

— Ralph Brown, President of Cup Royale – Race Around the World

Jim Kurtz, Organic Earth Tech

Clearwater, Florida

I'm extremely impressed with the professionalism and quality of their work! We needed 2 brochures created from information and media that were disjointed and incomplete. Len took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish and who we are presenting the brochures to. He then took what we had and created a highly aesthetic and impactful design that communicates the exact message that we wanted. Our project was further complicated by the fact that we had a tight deadline and we were producing the brochures in 8 different languages. Len worked tirelessly to get the product completed in time to get them printed on time. I couldn't be happier with both their level of service and the quality of their work. I will be using them on future projects and recommend them to anyone.

— Jim Kurtz, Marketing Director

David Hernandez, The Snore Reliever Company

New York, New York

I needed a new website and promotional brochures created for my business and Design Strategies did an excellent job at creating what I was looking for. Working with them was an easy experience and their knowledge in design and marketing excels which helped to delivery a quality product. I will be using them again for future projects.

— David Hernandez, President of The Snore Reliever Company

Johann Kellerer, LBG

Holzhausen, Germany

Professional know-how and attitude, this is what I encounter and like when working with Len at Design Strategies Inc.

— Johann Kellerer, Entrepreneur and author

Terri Bishop, Churchill Claims Services

Largo, Florida

Len and Colette were highly interested in our business and how to grow and prosper through it. We felt like they were true partners and cared as much as we did! After we implemented their marketing strategy, the statistics soared through the roof! We highly recommend Design Strategies!

— Terri Bishop, Executive at Churchill Claims Services

Kourosh Shaw, Para Latino Medical Center

Canyon Country, California

I have been using Design Strategies since 1990's - I vividly recall my first experience when they created a promotional newsletter for one my Obstetric physicians. This piece made such an impact for the public who received a copy of the newsletter, and for months our doctor was getting calls, compliments and new patients. He was a great doctor but not many people knew that until Mr. Len Williams designed promotional master piece that did it justice. After all the success I have received, I have continued my relationship with Design Strategies for all promotional materials which includes: brochures, flyers, logos, websites, business cards, and much more. Compared to any other company, Design Strategies is unmatched. My company and my clients have benefited enormously over the past 25 years. I will never look for another company to design our promotional materials as long as this company is around.

— Kourosh Shaw, CEO and Founder of Para Latino Medical Center

ALS Window Treatments, Clearwater, Florida

Branding/logo design

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the branding!!! I'm getting all our promotion updated and it's really visually "sinking in" what an upgrade we've done. XOXO! We are very pleased with the results and would recommend them to everyone who needs to update their company image and stand out against competitors.

— Maria Ortenzio, Founding Partner at ALS Window Treatments

Tabasco Jazz Investment Co., Clearwater, Florida

Branding/logo design

I had the pleasure of working with Len Williams at Design Strategies on a logo for my new business. From the onset Len was engaged in the process and very keen to understand exactly what I wanted. He didn't try to force his ideas upon me but gave me advice where he saw fit which I appreciated. The turnaround time was prompt on all revisions and I was extremely happy with the final product.

— Vik Patel, Founder of Tabasco Jazz Investment Co. and Purple Square Investments

Bill Keis Music in California

Hi Len, I announced the new music teaching website yesterday ( I sent emails to my whole list and posted on Facebook. I thought you would like to hear the comments I got back so far:

—Len and the gang did a great job! You should get lots of biz from that, as long as you promote the site well.

—Great website!!! It's very informative and tells you exactly what you are providing and what you can do to help someone. When I am able to I'd like to do the same with piano. Looks great, Bill.

—Excellent! The site looks great, it's well laid out, flows well, and has lots of useful data and testimonials! It is an accurate representation of who you are as a music teacher and what you offer. Congrats! Right on, dude!

—Beautiful Bill!
This Summer I'm focusing on songs I've written and preparing them for my first "professional" CD!
I hope to see you again for some awesome lessons in the future.

—Site looks great. Never realized you worked with so many bigwigs! Best of luck with the site and school!

—Congratulations on your beautiful new website Bill. - also on the use of your song in that huge film [Avengers: Age of Ultron].

—It looks great Bill! Thank you for sharing.

—Best music theory book ever written.

—Bill, It looks Impressive. Thanks, Mike

—Very nice! That should pull in business.

—Your new website is great.

My only critique is that again you don't charge what your lessons are worth.
You should be charging a minimum of $100 per hour.
Stay in good health.
You are a true musical asset.

— Bill Keis, Author, Composer, Music Arranger and Teacher

Jim McMahon of Zebra Communications, California

Every now and then, I venture to your website, and invariably am amazed. Every time, I am amazed. The quality of your design just makes me sigh in delight.

As you may remember, eons ago, when we did projects together, I think you will concur that I was quite anal as to detail. I think we can agree to that.

Well, I have not changed a bit. I am just as ridiculously anal about perfection, if not more, than I was then.

Only now, it is with writing and publishing feature stories in trade journals and online. Actually, small and very large corporations pay us here at Zebra to be ridiculously anal.

Any trade magazine editor will state that 98% of the feature content they receive is unpublishable.
Summarily, they are dumped, never to grace their pages for readers to enjoy, or be horrified by. Except for ours.
Every one of our features publishes, not just once, but multiple times.
In fact, an average of three times per story.
We have some stories that have published in 12 or more magazines, 14 magazines being the most to date, with many close contenders.
It is from this level of ridiculous perfection that I warmly commend you for the very extreme excellent level of artistic perfection that you uphold.
Thank God there are people like you around!
Thank God you are just as anal!

— Jim McMahon, Writer, Researcher and Executive

Brad Fraunfelter Illustration, Glendale, California

Design of website, marketing consultation

"YOUR WORK IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC AND TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL. You have solved a ton of problems which might have taken other designers much more work.
I really appreciate all your work. It is mind boggling!

"I've already got a product photo shoot and possible product illustration that came in off the site!

"The WonderCon Convention (sci-fi/fantasy) was a huge success. It could not have been a more perfect time to have the new website ready, because we handed out hundreds of postcards and we had the new website shown on the postcards. I had some professionals come to the booth and ask if I could do covers for their comics and work with them on graphic novels.

"A guy told me my artwork was the best he had seen in the convention - I couldn't believe it. Just yesterday I got a job for another book cover.
Anyway, it's like you said. Things are really starting to snowball!!"

— Brad Fraunfelter, Illustrator and Photographer

City of Dunedin, Florida, USA

Photography, brochure design, research and writing

"The Dunedin Baseball brochures just arrived and… they are GORGEOUS, STUNNING! Wow, what an impact! I can’t say enough how very pleased we are with them. The high quality, the photography, the custom design and cut, the weight and feel of it as you turn each page… everything is truly wonderful. Thank you so much for all your hard work and the time and efforts you’ve put into this project! I really appreciate it. I’ve received great reviews and critiques on it. I believe it turned out really well and is very professional looking.

Nichole Allen

Special Projects Coordinator

Dunedin Parks & Recreation


"The brochures were distributed to several major and minor league baseball clubs as well as some amateur sport organizations. They were also distributed to our Chamber of Commerce members, Convention & Visitor Bureau, Tourists Development Council & County Commissioners, County Administrator, local State Senators and State Representatives, as well as a few went to the Dunedin CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) and DDMA (Downtown Dunedin Merchants Association). We are still in negotiations with the Blue Jays so hopefully these brochures did make an impression."

— Director of Dunedin Parks and Recreation

Churchill Claims Services, USA

Redesign and remarketing of website increases claim submissions

"I love it!!! This is really great! Oh my, I’m nervous already about all of the work that is going to come in because of this!!! This is a FANTASTIC JOB!!!" — Melanie Hawkins, Owner

"Date coincident with the launch of the new website and campaign our statistics started to go up dramatically."
— Terri Bishop, Vehicle Assessment Department

UPDATE: Just three months after the redesign and the launch of the new "Case Studies" campaign, Churchill expanded its business from 7 U.S. states to all 50.

Petrolife Energy, California, USA

Logo/corporate branding for new oil company

"It takes a day or two for me sometimes to realize what an incredible genius you are. The logo with the sun on top is brilliant. The sun gives life and the company gives black energy. Fantastic. That's a DONE!!"

— K. Gerbino, CEO

UnmaskedFX, Pasadena, California, USA

Special effects makeup artist jazzed about new website

"I work as a special effects makeup artist and the website I had before was 'eh'. My former web designer took weeks to get back to me and I had to pester him to make the site look the way I wanted, which he never truly gave me. I knew Len Williams through separate business and hired him to create my new website. What took one man 3 months, Len did in less than one [including extensive back end programming]. AND it looks exactly like I need it to! I wanted to be able to edit myself (since in the business, there are constant portfolio and resume updates). Len hooked me up with an amazing programmer. If I had a problem, he addressed it the same day. I didn't have to hunt him down! It was awesome!
The site is flawless and easy to edit too. I would definitely do business with him again."

—Jennifer Maimone, Owner

Pizza del Sardo Restaurant, Valencia, California, USA

Food photography, logo, menus, flyers, coupons and website design make a big splash in California

"Working with you is so much fun! Together we create the highest quality of products and promotions of those products, which is way above the standard of what we usually see today. I got the proof for the menu today. It looks FABULOUS!!! What can I say. You are the best, a true professional! You should see people's reaction when they see the menu. They all want to go to the restaurant immediately. NOTE: The restaurant opens in just a few days, and the promotion for it has been very effective, including our new Facebook page."

— Ali Shaw, Owner

Rock Solid Creations, Inc., Groveland, California, USA

Tile and stone company loves their new corporate image, logo, ads, business cards and website

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love our new website! You have definitely gone the extra mile. We really appreciate your patience with our somewhat slow pace and your marketing insight. The Rock Solid logo and the cards you designed for us have been getting a lot of compliments. Our son told us he saw someone picking up one of our cards at a local business and asked if he needed tile work done and the man said, 'No, I just wanted to look at the card. This is a really nice card.' The hard work you have put into our company's appearance has dramatically improved our image. You will definitely be doing more work for us in the future."

— Brandon and Sayona Hoffman, Owners

Marco's Collision Centers of Southern California, USA

New website "is like BLAM and WOW!"

"The website looks ASTOUNDING! This is the best automobile site, and I GUARANTEE you that you will see other companies start to copy us with how we made ours. You know they will!. Thank you, Len, for your time and hard work on this website. It is no way possible it would look the way it does if it weren’t you who did it. I am going to be posting this link to our Facebook page on a weekly basis, and everyone will see what great work we have done together. I am thrilled everything works!! Thank you again, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you again so much for your help! Just had to be said minimum of 3 times! POW—is like BLAM and WOW! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the exquisite work of art you created. We are going to be the hottest body shop on the net!"

— Lillian Maimone, CEO

KRC Mining Consultants, Sydney, Australia

New website brings in lots of international business

"I wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you for your invaluable assistance over the past two years. We had a website we had designed in-house and which provided little or no new business. In working with you, we have ended up not only with a website that people always comment favourably on, but one that brings in new international business for us on a continual basis. Since the site has been up, we have attracted clients from Columbia, Trinidad, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and India. This is a remarkable outcome and one that has done much to insulate us from the financial situation in the Australian market. A big part of the success of the new site was also the rigorous way that you had us confront what it is we do and what we offer to our clients that is valuable. I think that this was the most difficult barrier to push through – you helped us clarify in simple terms what it was we did and the value of it. It would seem obvious (in retrospect) that if we couldn’t give you a quick, simple and succinct summary of our services, then it would be difficult to get a potential client to understand the same thing – but this was a real struggle at the time and one which you worked hard to get us through. Finally, it is worth noting that our website is not just for potential clients, but also for potential staff. In this day and age, Internet-savvy, switched on employees are going to look to your site to help determine whether it is worth applying for a job with you – our experience is that how our website looks has made a big difference to the quality of the people we have been able to hire. Working with you is helping us to achieve our goal of building a large, viable, international consulting business."

— Steve Franklin, President

Broad Reach Benefits, New Jersey, USA

Eleven years of growth: logos, website, brochures, ads

"I've worked with Len Williams as our graphic designer since 2001. Besides creating marvelous and meticulous work, he is extremely easy to work with. His insight, design expertise and overall understanding of visual communications is unrivaled. At this point in our working relationship he knows exactly what we want. So, when we ask for something new to be created it takes almost no effort on our part and the end result is right in line with what we need."

— Phillip J. Cohen, President

Titan Oil Recovery, Inc., California & Texas, USA

"To say we've been pleased would be an understatement"

"It is my pleasure to recommend Len Williams and Design Strategies, Inc. for graphics and website design. Len began working with Titan Oil Recovery, Inc. in 2002, but I have personally worked with Len for the past four and a half years. The working relationship has been a pleasure and the quality of his work is extraordinary. In this day and age, it seems harder and harder to find dedicated and professional help in any field. Len is unique in his responsiveness, professionalism, and his attention to detail. He has both technical and artistic skills that are well utilized in his craft. On many occasions, I have observed Len working on projects late into the evening (really into the early morning). This often results because Len was “on a roll” with the professional juices flowing and he simply works until the job is done. This attribute is quite remarkable and his work is outstanding. To say, “we have been pleased with his work” would be an understatement of some magnitude."

—Brian Marcotte, President & CEO "You have been instrumental in Titan's progress. Being able to count on you makes MY job immeasurably easier! You are the best!"

— Frankie Jennings, Administrative Exec

Basement Spaces, Inc., Illinois, USA

Unified corporate image, website, brochures, DVDs, catalogs and books get great responses

"I'm in the business of basement finishing. One of the business problems I had was that I had no unified look, no branding of sorts. I wanted something that would reflect what it is I do, be very professional, and highlight our high quality work. I found Design Strategies' website online and was very impressed with what I saw.

"I originally contracted with Design Strategies to create the new logo that you see. One glance at it and you know exactly what it is I do. It communicates beautifully. A lot of work and thought went into it. Lots of ideas were kicked around.

"Since the logo, Design Strategies has created my website, killer business cards, envelopes, stationery letterhead, an absolutely awesome brochure, various DVD and CD covers, 2 catalogs, 2 books I've written and various other projects. Everyone that sees my promotional materials has been absolutely impressed with them. I get requests everyday from my website from people looking to have their basements refinished.

"I now have the look I was looking for. I'd also like to add that if you have any concerns about having a long distance relationship with Design Strategies — have no fear. Anything they can create can be emailed back and forth, and they are very accessible via phone or Skype. I VERY highly recommend Design Strategies to assist you in whatever promotional materials you may need."

— Dave Schrock, President & CEO

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