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Flexible, smart, ferociously capable and effortlessly competent — our diverse group of marketing and problem-solving specialists are located all over the U.S. and Canada (Florida, California, Connecticut, Washington State and British Columbia, Canada)

Len Williams, designer, creative director and president of Design Strategies, Inc.
web site design and development
Professional writing services
Professional packaging designer
Professional design of corporate and product logos and branding.
Professional photograher, on-location photo shoots
Brochure and printed materials design work
Designs for trade show booths and banners
Meeting deadlines, creating markeing campaigns
Colette Williams, Administrative Director of Design Strategies

Len Williams
Creative Director, Marketing Specialist, Lead Designer

Our chief designer & creative director has over 30 years of experience in branding, marketing and design, and is a genius at working out highly effective national and international marketing campaigns and corporate identity concepts. Since our company was founded in 1990, he has created a powerhouse team of experts for print and web design. Our services include design, writing, photography, image retouching, illustration, programming and print and online marketing strategies. Len's technical skills include expert level knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse and other sophisticated software. He's also an easy guy to work with, fun and endlessly creative.

• Clearwater, Florida, USA

Colette Williams
Administrative Director, Project Coordinator

Colette keeps the whole group together and functioning smoothly. Her organizational capabilities are astounding She makes sure quotes go out on time, production deadlines are met, and all the billing and financial matters relating to your projects are correct and completely accurate. Have a question about your account, statement or invoice? Colette has the answers at her fingertips in her meticulously-kept files that are always up to date. Call her at 727-466-6888.

• Clearwater, Florida, USA

Gil Effron, Marketing Director, Implementor, Project Coordinator and author at Design Strategies, Inc.

Gil Effron
Marketing Strategist, Project Manager, Author
ProfitAbility Institute

Author of "How to Close More Business in Less Time" and "How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover", Gil separates himself from ordinary marketing consultants by connecting the dots between marketing and the sales process. Because Gil is all about producing consistent results, his strategic marketing approach considers every nuance of the sale or transaction. In addition to his ability to develop high-level marketing campaigns, he is equally at home functioning as project manager to bring complex marketing initiatives to fruition.

• Hudson, Florida, USA

Bruce Boyers, writer and researcher at Design Strategies, Inc.

Bruce Boyers
Writer & Researcher Extraordinaire
BBML Services, Inc.

One of the best and smartest writers we've ever met, Bruce can create text content for your websites, printed materials, packaging that is logical, interesting and easy to understand. His clear and clean communication skills make your products and services sing. His incredibly broad range of experience, research skill and high aptitude allow him to get to know your customers, their needs and problems, and how your products and services are a benefit to them.

• Glendale, California, USA

Dan Osborne, programming genius at Design Strategies, Inc.

Dan Osborne
Programming Specialist
DJ Osborne Services

Many clients need custom-built back end programming for their websites, and Dan is our man who continually amazes us with his ability to turn code into works of art. Nothing is too difficult for Dan's agile mind and programming solutions. Custom database connectivity, purpose-built scripts, client-side site editing and tons of stuff our clients come up with are the kind of challenges that Dan eats for breakfast. Bring us your website functionality challenges and we'll figure out an elegant solution that's simple and intuitive to use.

• Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Tari Steward, Internet Marketing Specialist, Campaign Director, President of Millionaire Marketing International.

Tari Steward
Marketing Success Consultant, Creative Director of Global Massive Advertising, Offline & Online Marketing Entrepreneur, President of Millionaire Marketing International

Tari has been responsible for originating, creating and building a series of highly successful Offline & Online enterprises over the last 40 years. He is the Artist/Designer, creator and marketing developer of the Original Authentic "I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill" and it's 27 year ongoing international super success story as the Ultimate Financial Art Collectible. We have worked with Tari on various projects since 2005, creating amazingly effective Offline-to-Online Global Advertising promotions that routinely turn in outstanding and huge positive returns for our clients. Tari also created a means of securing high-profile full page display ads in the Top 5 Major US Airlines In-flight Magazines at Extreme Discounted Rates reaching over 50 Million Global affluent readers each month, who are an Ideal Target Market Audience - which has helped our clients achieve huge success results.

• Seattle Area, Washington State, USA

Natalie Jensen, Wordpress wizard at Design Strategies, Inc.

Natalie Jensen,
Wordpress Specialist
Web Development by Natalie Leora Jensen

Need a custom Wordpress® site developed for your business that's more than just a garden variety template anyone can create? Natalie blows everyone away with her technical knowledge and design capabilities. She can make Wordpress jump through hoops, roll over and get your customers' attention. Let us turn your Wordpress centered project into a beautiful corporate masterpiece with Natalie's extreme knowledge and skills, supported by our entire team of marketing experts.

• Dunedin, Florida, USA

Randall Gillion, videographer, video and sound editor at Design Strategies, Inc.

Randall Gillion
Videographer, Video & Sound Editor
RGP Media

Video has become a key website marketing strategy that visually demonstrates your products and services. Randall is a problem solver with the eye of an artist. Whether you need new video scripted and shot, or existing film converted or edited, he always turns out highly professional video, complete with music and voiceovers as required.

• Clearwater, Florida, USA

Brad Fraunfelter, illustrator and photographer at Design Strategies, Inc.

Brad Fraunfelter
Illustrator & Photographer
Brad Fraunfelter Illustration

"Magic" is the best term to apply to Brad's talents and skills in the field of Illustration. He combines digital photography and Photoshop painting to turn out mind bogglingly excellent work that leaves people gasping at its beauty. Brad has created many illustrations for book covers and CD covers, logo designs, technical illustrations and more. He really shines in the field of fantasy and science fiction, although he's equally at home with amazing product illustration.

• Glendale, California, USA

Bruce Boyers, writer and researcher at Design Strategies, Inc.
Illustrator using Adobe Illustrator

Robert Pizzo
Illustration / Infographic Design
Robert Pizzo Illustration/Design

If Robert’s work looks familiar to you it’s probably because you’ve seen his distinct, instantly recognizable style everywhere. He’s produced thousands of illustrations for most major newspapers, magazines and other publications as well as work for brands like Verizon, Coke, Mastercard, Pepsi,  etc. through many of the nation’s top advertising agencies.

His first children’s book, The Amazing Animal Alphabet of Twenty-Six Tongue Twisters is published by Pomegranate and is available everywhere including the Museum of Modern Art Bookstore in New York City and robertpizzo.com

• Redding, Connecticut, USA

Brad Fraunfelter, illustrator and photographer at Design Strategies, Inc.

Carol Woodruff
Market Research Specialist
Rockpoint Research, Inc.

Carol's ferocious talents in the area of market research are legendary. Rockpoint Research has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for several successful marketing campaigns for our clients. The only way to successfully market your products and/or services is to know the needs and wants of your existing and potential customers. Carol and her team have the skills to discover the problems facing your customers, and the main value points that they are looking for in relation to your company.

• Lakeview Terrace, California, USA

Flexible to fit the exact size and scope of your next
branding and marketing projects...

We have a large team of additional associates not listed here, including trusted and proven designers, writers, artists, researchers, photographers, programmers, web developers, printing companies, manufacturers, packaging companies and other experts. We've developed this group over the last 25+ years and they are all highly skilled and professional.  When any particular project demands a larger team with specific attributes, our staff can be tailored to suit your requirements — and without the added costs usually associated with a huge in-house design & marketing team.

Len Williams

Creative Director of Design Strategies, Inc.

Design Strategies, Inc. logo. Graphic design, branding and marketing services.

International Branding and Marketing Specialists

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